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This program calculates and displays clock related information for unusual time systems. The purpose of the app is just for fun and education about alternative time systems.

Currently supported are:

No guarantees are made regarding accuracy or correctness of this software.

See Also:
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Recent comments

Thank You + request I love to have Your clock (the dozenal) on my phone desktop! I dream to have another clock, a mix of dozenal and 24hours. Dozenal cyphers: "0" on the bottom, "6" on top, "3" on the left. 4 hands: they do one turn in 24 hrs, 2 hrs, 10 mins and 50 s. Additional digital clock, 4 digits following the hands and one 12 times faster.
posted 2016-09-03 by Carlo Licini

better then best better then before because of degrees and chinese time
posted 2013-08-25 by augustus

best clock ever best clock ever
posted 2013-08-03 by augustus wong

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