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5 Oct 2020
Geek Clock Tool V1.38 released - Added clock face dark mode.

5 Mar 2020
Geek Clock Tool V1.37 released - Fixed clock and text layout issues on some devices.

4 Mar 2020
Geek Calendar Tool V1.40 released - Added Coptic (Egyptian) calendar.

20 Jan 2020
All GB Railway Stations V1.05 released - Updated with newly released 2018/19 statistics.

6 Jan 2020
Super Bunny V2.59 released - All routes now playable in free app version.

16 Feb 2019
Daylight World Map V2.66 released - Fix custom locations scroll bug.

13 Jan 2019
Daylight World Map V2.65 released - Fix save/restore selected location bug.

30 Dec 2018
All GB Railway Stations V1.04 released - Updated with newly released 2017/18 statistics.

14 Oct 2018
Yacht-C - Fix app freezing issues, better keyboard support.

7 Sep 2018
Daylight World Map V2.64 released - Request location permission; Save/restore twilight setting; Pro upgrade fixes.

31 May 2018
Geek Calendar Tool V1.38 released - Add Mayan language support; Add Mayan calendar icons; Fix date setting crash.

1 Mar 2018
All GB Railway Stations V1.03 released - Added favourite stations; improved station location accuracy.

28 Feb 2018
Reversi (Othello) Online V1.79 released - Fix a Play Online bug on tablet devices.

15 Feb 2018
All GB Railway Stations V1.02 released - Show station position in list; added region filter.

13 Feb 2018
All GB Railway Stations V1.00 released - New app released showing locations and stats for all GB rail stations.

29 Jan 2018
Daylight World Map V2.63 released - Update and improve dialogs; set local instead of UTC time.

27 Mar 2017
Reversi (Othello) Online V1.77 released - Added ability to block chat messages, and ability to disable chat feature.

20 Aug 2016
Daylight World Map V2.62 released - Fixed last location restore bug.

18 Jun 2016
Daylight World Map V2.61 released - Added centering option to widget, minor additional fixes.

16 Feb 2016
Quiz Quest V1.39 released - Fixed bug in Food questions.

31 Jan 2016
Reversi (Othello) Online V1.75 released - Multi-player match robustness, fix early-end scoring.

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