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Biggles Is it possible to play an opponent of choice or is it random?
posted 2020-05-02 by James harldy

World ranked out of other active players How many people are actually active players through put the world. What is your world ranking out of.
posted 2018-10-04 by Eric

Not Working I bought pro version not working after last update go to play online and it just crashes.
posted 2017-04-16 by T.Allen
Sorry to hear that, that definitely shouldn't be happening (obviously)! No-one else has reported this problem with the latest version, so could you please send a bug report describing when and how the crash happens, if you are still seeing the problem. That way it can be fixed ASAP!

No work My reversi doestn work, after Y download the Last atualisation.
posted 2017-03-28 by L Prestes
Sorry to hear that, so far no other reports have been received of the last update not working, can you please check your connection? If you are still having problems, let me know in exactly what way does it not work for you...

Connection problem Sometime opposite leave, but it is some sort of connection error and they dont leave by intention. Can the connection be made more robust?
posted 2017-01-09 by Moi
The system does already try to keep hold of the connection if it's lost for only short period. This does reduce the number of times a connection is lost, but unfortunately it does still sometimes happen when there is poor network availability.

Server connection error Hi, like in subject since a few days. Can you accept my connections? I reinstalled app thus I haven't username yet.
posted 2016-10-24 by Bob
Thanks for reporting it. There was a problem with the multiplayer server. It is working again now.

Counting Hi! Counting mechanism works not entirely accurate in some cases. Here should be 32-31, because one cell remains empty. imgur.com/ARAElan
posted 2016-06-02 by Alex
This was changed fairly recently - it used to report 32-31 in that scenario. However it was pointed out to me that the official rules state that if a player is unable to move and the game ends as a result, then the other player is awarded the remaining empty tiles.

Error "Server Connection Error" from yesterday
posted 2016-05-31 by Alex
Thank you for reporting it. The server is now working again.

Connection error Hi I only get server connection error and can't play. Are the servers down?
posted 2016-05-31 by Moi
Thank you for reporting it. The server is now working again.

Error When another player left, Im lost
posted 2015-09-20 by Jose Ma. Villanu

Disconnected many times Terribly annoying android app. It disconnects a player for no reason in the presence of fast reliable internet service.
posted 2015-07-29 by Zatoichi
Sorry to hear you've been experiencing those problems. There haven't been any other similar reports of network problems lately, but if you let me know your username and approximate time the disconnection happened, I'll take a look in the server logs so see if anything looks amiss.

quit Very often i am shown as quitting the game, albeit I don't intend to
posted 2015-06-17 by Bogdan
Could be a problem of temporarily dropped network.

Asus phone Hello play time remains to zero on asus phone, I choose "rancket timed" in the setting and I have 00 for me and 00 for opponent during all the time of game (lollipop 5.0 model Z00D) I have no problem on nexus 5 thanks
posted 2015-05-14 by toussaint FR

country flag Hi. It would be great if in profile there was an option to choose nationality (country flag) because lots of people have english as an language in their phones but they are from all around the world. Is it possible to add? Thanks. Regards
posted 2015-05-12 by Czi
Selectable Country flags have been added!

replay Thanks for the app. I love reversi and I was happy to find your online game. I have a question though: How does one replay an adversary after the first game?
posted 2015-04-04 by Chris B
Currently there is no way to automatically replay an opponent, but it can be done manually. After a game, if both players immediately rejoin, you can choose to accept match from the correct player when the offer is made.

please remove last game restore The latest update added some restore feature that is truly annoying. Despite using this app for several years, after updating the app on phone yesterday I'm seriously considering deleting this app. When I go to play new game, last game is automatically restored. So I have to cancel it again. Worst update ever.
posted 2014-12-04 by no restore
Sorry you didn't like the addition of the new restore game feature! It was added after being requested by other users. You can of course cancel the restore and then start a new game. I will look into adding a setting so that the save/restore feature can be made optional.

Java version is there any version of reversi online for java or symbian?
posted 2014-10-15 by Iqab
Sorry, only Android and web-based versions of the app are currently available.

connection I lost a game due to connection alltough my phone has full coverage
posted 2014-09-04 by Mattias
Sorry to hear that. As with any internet-based service, there can be occasional connection problems. Although this was not your case, most problems occur when the device loses connection to the internet. We do try to ensure the multiplayer service remains functioning well.

rotate The game is rotating even if the phone dpes not have rotate enabled
posted 2014-03-30 by Petronel

new phone Is there anyway to retain old profile and ranking when a new phone is purchased?
posted 2014-02-21 by chris
Unfortunately, Reversi Online does not currently have a user login system, and therefore your ranking is tied to the device. The ability to migrate to a new phone is sometimes requested by users so I would like to add this feature in the future.

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